Yacht Maintenance

Having a yacht is everybody’s dream. Once you have one, make sure to keep it. Protect your asset by keeping it in pristine condition and give it the love it deserves. The weather in Andalucia has a huge impact on it and the yacht feels under constant attack. So lets keep it a dream and not a nightmare. PESC is what you need.

“Leave the work to the pro’s”
Our experienced experts will take care of every aspect needed. Going from cleaning and general maintenance , teak deck maintenance, anti fouling and anodes, polish, engine servicing.

“Less work more fun”
We want to make sure that your precious time on board of your yacht is quality time and not just cleaning.

“We manage your dream”
Yacht mooring, crew, documentation, welcome back,…We take care of it all, just hop on board and you are off.

“Less costs more fun”
Want to break down the costs of your dream? Then we can charter your yacht. With over 30 years of experience in Costa Del Sol, Marbella Yacht Charters is very well known with a great reputation.