Dinner at Sea

Join us for a dinner with a view. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle with your loved ones to enjoy the best food of well-known restaurants. This can be a specific “dinner charter” or as an addition to a chosen charter.

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Night at Sea

Want to experience what it is to sleep at sea under the stars? Then “Night At Sea” is what you are looking for. We start in Marbella and go everywhere there is water depending on time and weather.

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Banana – Donut – Sofa

Riding the banana, donut or sofa is a great adrenaline rush! While you are being dragged at top speed you will be hanging on for dear life, screaming, crying and laughing. It can be enjoyed by all. Minimum age is 6 and all riders will wear life jackets.

10 min€15.00
20 min€20.00


Have the time of your life running, splashing, jumping, and sliding on one of the biggest and brand new inflatable aquapark in Marbella. Complete with inflatable slides, runway, splash mat, supertrampoline, jump on the kaos and fly on our blast bag. This is the ultimate outdoor water experience!

60 min€10.00

Pedal Boat

Timeless and always popular along the Costa del Sol. Hydro pedal boats are the most eco option for anyone who wants to do a group activity or enjoy with the family at the beach. Its a boat, super easy to handle. They can transport up to 5 people without minimum age, as long as the children are accompanied by at least one adult, and and and… they have a SLIDE!

30 min€20.00
60 min€30.00