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1. How much experience do I need?
No experience required.

2. Will I learn to sail?
Entirely your choice; we can show you the rudiments so you can be part of the crew or you can sit back and relax; we are not however a sailing school therefore you will not leave with any qualifications.

3. I can sail already, will I be allowed to take the helm?
After a brief evaluation, we will step down and you can take over, although we will be on hand if needed.

4. What if the weather is bad?
Skippers decision is always final. If there are no safety issues, the decision is yours.

5. What if I feel sick?
We recommend you bring sea- sickness tablets or travel bands even if you don’t normally suffer from travel sickness. If you are really suffering we can go into port and make a group decision.

6. Can I drink on board?
Like all things, moderation is the key. You don’t want to feel “tipsy at sea!”

7. Can I swim or snorkel off the boat?
Once the boat is at anchor you are more than welcome to do both.

8. How long do we sail for?
Generally between 2- 4 hours, however your decision, if you want to lunch for 4 hours
it’s up to you! It is your day!

9. Are there any other costs involved?
No, there are no hidden costs

10. Is this day suitable for children?
It is not suitable for children under 10.

11. What will I need to bring?
Travel sickness tablets
Strong sun cream
Non-marking shoes
Hat and Sunglasses

12. Can I bring my own music?
Yes you can bring either your MP3 player or your own CD’s.

*The boat can heel over considerably; we cannot take responsibility for loss or injury, please refer to our Terms and conditions.


June 2016
Absolutely brilliant afternoon on the yacht with Pete and Laura. They were great hosts, looked after us so well. Highly recommended!